Shadowrun 6th edition premade characters

For the previous post in this series, click here. After being overpowered in the previous edition, mystic adepts have been returned to the role that suits them and the rest of the rules best—jacks of many trades, masters of none.

If you fall into the trap of trying to match the physical adept on one side or the full mage on the other or, God forbid, both! There are a few ways to build very effective mystic adepts, in my opinion, but the focus will always be on flexibility of approach rather than raw power. Stick to old-fashioned or, more likely, new-fangled firearms for dealing your damage. There are a lot of ways to build an interesting and effective Physical Adept, particularly once you port over the old adept abilities from SR5 or wait for the new expansion books to come out.

If your GM will let you port over the Adept Ways into SR6 Qualities also easy to dothen that can help you to think about your build. The easiest thing to do, though and which may always be the caseis to think about the two or three roles you want your character to be able to serve in and pick your abilities accordingly.

The PhysAd is a great way to accomplish this, taking some socially-oriented powers Voice Control, etc. As a former competitive shooter in tactical pistol, I love the idea of the Gunslinger Adept, especially since the John Wick films give us an excellent idea of what a Gunslinger Adept in action would be.

Augmented characters may be able to scrape in more abilities for this role at character creation, but the PhsyAd arguably has more staying power in the long term.

A pencil! With the full range of adept abilities from previous editions ported in, you can play a natural savant whose intelligence and insight makes him the consummate mastermind for the rest of the team, or many, many other options. There is no reason not to have a Magic of 6 with a Physical Adept. In fact, you should strongly consider spending your Karma for the first level of initiation 11 Karma and increasing your Magic to 7 from the get-go 35 Karma.

If it works with your Qualities, I highly recommend the Aptitude Positive Quality with this arrangement, for reasons previously discussed.

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My natural inclination for no discernible reason, mind you is Sorcery, but Conjuring gives you much more flexibility with how you use your magic and requires fewer starting resources. I recommend you prioritize your skills, attributes and metatype over your beginning magic rating.

shadowrun 6th edition premade characters

Again, with Priority C in metatype and Priority D in Magic, you can still have a full mage with a starting Magic of 6. If you are using the rules-as-written, I would avoid devoting too many resources to Artificing—the rules make it possible to lose Essence on an Artificing test that does not allow the expenditure of Edge!

That means two things: 1 only aspected magic-users unfortunate enough to only have skill in Enchanting are likely to be Artificers and, 2 under basic economic theory, this rarity and the risk of focus creation means foci should be extremely expensive. But, if using RAW without thinking too hard about the logic behind it, just buy your damn foci and be done with it.

Even then, only high Edge characters should engage in Artificing. An aside: As it stands, the Karma cost to increase Attributes is the same as it is to increase Skills.

I think that this is likely an intentional design decision related to the consolidation of Skills that happened in this edition. Part of me, though, wonders if it is a typo or design mistake. It would take some statistical analysis far more complex than I am able or care to do to make a real determination of whether the benefits from each Attribute and the benefits of Attributes compared to Skills really supports the Karma costs given in the core rules.

shadowrun 6th edition premade characters

To get the fullest use of your magical ability, there are four skills you need: Astral, Sorcery, Conjuring and Enchanting. So, think about having some points to spend on skills like Con, Influence, Stealth, Athletics or defensive skills as well as your magical skills. It is harder, though far from impossible, for full mojo-makers to cover beyond their primary role because of the many resources that must be devoted to magical ability.

I recommend one of two approaches here: pick one backup role and focus on it or use those character resources available as a backstop, not focusing on excelling in a secondary role but trying to limit your vulnerability when caught in situations outside your forte by having two or three points in a number of non-magical skills.

As I mentioned before, specializations can be used to stretch points as necessary. The Focused Concentration Quality was powerful in the previous edition, as it helped to resist Drain. The 6 th edition version, allowing spell maintenance without penalty, is even moreso. Who cares if you have to sleep on the street, VR is comfortable everywhere, amiright?

Priority E, obvs, should be Mundane, with your choice of how you assign C and D. Karma will likely need to be spent on shoring up both Skills and Attributes.The odds are against you. They always are. The other side has more people, more firepower, more money—more everything. Inthe world is controlled by all-powerful megacorps that draw on vast hoards of technology and magic to keep the rest of the population under their heels.

But some people refuse the seductive lure of corporate safety. These rebels refuse to sell out, and they survive by doing the dirty work no one else will do. Become an elf shaman, an ork street samurai, a dwarf rigger, or any of hundreds of other possibilities. Find your skill set and unique expertise and use all of it on wild chances that will keep you alive, that give you one more chance at freedom. So you can survive until the next one.

Launch into a dark, thrilling world of gaming fun as your shadowrunner sets out on the road to greatness! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Post Comment. Related Posts. October 16, No Comments. This guide….

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April 11, No Comments. December 11, No Comments. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.The Sixth World.

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One of the most enduring RPG settings ever created, with shadows growing deeper and darker in its latest edition. Dominated by enormous, world-striding megacorporations strangling metahumanity in their clutches, by most of the planet has surrendered to these corporate overlords.

But from the darkest shadows, defiance flickers in people known as shadowrunners. They risk everything—wrestling magical energies, channeling them into power; putting their minds against the electronic void of the Matrix; trading flesh and blood for chrome and steel. Written by Dylan Birtolo, this exciting new fiction—which ties into the characters from the Shadowrun, Sixth World Beginner Box—i s the first installment in a cycle of novellas releasing over the next few months.

In the coming weeks the site will expand and grow.

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More are in discussion. Need more info? Look for more great items throughout the year.

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This summer, the shadows fall darker than ever, and survival depends on your willingness to risk everything and become a legend! Search Main menu Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Catalyst Store. Are you ready to risk everything? Stand up, join them, and dare to risk it all!Free Resources on Roll All rights reserved.

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I'd love to join this if it's chat. I've been looking for a shadowrun campaign and I already have a character ready. Please let me know what's going on. Thank you. Need most help with the number of dice. Thanks for your interest! Yes this will be chat but I won't rely strictly on Chat sessions.For the previous post in this series, click here. Minimum Standards An established not necessarily starting team of shadowrunners ought to make sure every member has at least a minimum competency in a few areas: at least one combat skill for self-defense, some ability in the Stealth skill with a specialization in Sneaking if you want to go farther with a few pointsand some ability in the Biotech skill with a specialization in First Aid to stretch points.

The Sixth Edition is no different. If you want to carry a gun, drive a car, or not be arrested for having restricted cyberware or being Awakenedyou need to make sure that you have the proper fake licenses attached to your Fake SINs. Plan accordingly. The commlink is your phone, personal digital assistant, tablet and computer all rolled into one. You need to have one to survive in the modern age of the Sixth World.

If all you can afford is a cheapie, by all means—but have one. Under most circumstances, a runner probably wants to maintain a Low Lifestyle—saving money for those things that will keep her alive or for that magical future day when she can retire from the life and live comfortably ever after.

If your character is the paranoid type, comes from a background in tradecraft, or has the resources and understanding of the risks of shadowrunning such that he or she would have at least one bolthole somewhere that no-one knows about, purchase multiple Lifestyles. Just remember that they have to be maintained, too. You need a micro-transceiver, too.

This equipment allows you to keep in constant contact with the rest of your team and to share valuable information. Every character should probably carry one of these. Every soldier carries at a bare minimum an IFAK individual first aid kit to treat the commonest types of injuries.

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What follows is my personal advice along with my personal biases on creating Shadowrun characters in the Sixth Edition after spending several hours with the character creation system. Purchasing Electronics at 2 requires 15 Karma. To your higher-rated skills, spending Karma to fill in gaps for basic necessities. Likewise with Attribute Point distributions. As a practical matter, though, just decide on an approach and keep running. Specializations are cheap to purchase with Karma.

That said, use Specializations to push your character resources farther at character generation.It spans multiple genres due to having a large and diverse setting full of plot hooks, providing all your Cyberpunk, Horror, Crime, Post-Apocalyptic, and Mystery needs.

It's set in a dystopian near future where megacorporations have taken over as the superpowers of a world our world, in an alternate timeline specifically whose political boundaries are shaken and fragmented. Players play Shadowrunners, the criminal elite: expert thieves, spies, bodyguards, saboteurs, assassins, or whatever else that earns them Nuyen cyberfantasy futurebucks who sell their skills to whatever megacorps, crime lords, or police bid the highest.

Dragons and Magic play just as big a part of life as computers and guns. In fact, they often overlap. Shadowrun was created by FASA games in It is currently in its 6th edition, being published by Catalyst Game Labs.

The game is set in a world that is awesome to play in and fail to live in. The history of Shadowrun begins with, of all things, a truckers' strike in New York. The strike lasted for about three months, causing massive hunger not just in NYC itself but across the whole state. New Yorkers being New Yorkers, this resulted in massive rioting. One particularly inspired group of rioters attacked a truck belonging to Seretech Corporation, believing that it was full of food.


Predictably, it was actually full of infectious medical waste, and the corporate security assigned to the truck ended up gunning down something civilians to save Staten Island from getting plagued.

The United States Supreme Court vindicates the actions of the Seretech employees, choosing to concentrate on the whole "saved thousands of lives" part rather than the "ended hundreds" one. This, combined with an attack on a Shiawase Corporation-owned nuclear power plant, set the stage for corporate extraterritoriality, a principle which essentially turned corporations into their own sovereign states and made corporate land untouchable by national laws. This is why Ares Macrotechnology can tie you up in the basement and forget you exist without invoking the wrath of your government.

A few years go by, and a whole bunch of awful shit happens; Israel nukes Libya, New York gets fucked over by an earthquake, and Japan gets into a war with Korea. This last one is important, because Korea decides that if two nukes worked so well for Japan's health back in the 40's, then fifty nukes should do wonders!

How combat works in Shadowrun 6th Edition

However, the missiles never reach their targets. Japan then overruns Korea and creates the Japanese Imperial State. Meanwhile, the US is telling the Native Americans to bite the pillow and drills for oil on their reservations again. Naturally there's some resistance, so the US deals with it in their usual calm, reasonable way: by shipping all the protesting Natives off to concentration camps.

Things are then quiet for roughly ten minutes before a disease called VITAS takes the top quarter off of the Earth's population. While everyone's still reeling from losing one out of every four people they ever knew, the craziest shit on record happens.

People start giving birth to Tolkien-style Elves and Dwarves. With all the shit going on in the world, nobody wants to hear about your pointy-eared baby, and the backlash is substantial.

Finally, on December 24th,it all goes to hell in a handbasket. Dragons are recorded flying over Japan, ley lines in Britain and Ireland start flickering on, and an activist named Daniel Howling Coyote leads a now apparently bulletproof group of Native Americans right out the front gate of one of the concentration camps and into a sandstorm.

In an interview with the media, one of the more talkative dragons reveals that the Mayan calendar doomsday predictions were right- all the shit that was going on was a sign that the Fifth World that humanity had lived in for all this time was ending, and Earth is just about to enter the cycle of existence the Mayans called the Sixth World.

Magic is back- or more precisely, it had never left in the first place. In reality, countless beings that had lived in the Fourth World had been in hiding through much of human history, and the low ebb of magic in the Fifth World had kept the elves and dwarves from manifesting their characteristic features, making them indistinguishable from ordinary humans until the Sixth World came about no word on where the freaking dragons were hiding, though.

The final phase of the Great Shitstorm is set in motion, and lines are being redrawn all over the map. First, Daniel Howling Coyote reappears and declares that the whole west half of the North American continent is now a coalition of countries called the Native American Nations.

The US is all set to slap them down hard, but Daniel and a few of his closest friends perform the soon-to-be-infamous ritual known as the Great Ghost Dance.

Shadowrun Sixth Edition?

It's at this point that people start to really accept that magic is now a thing; rather than do nothing like every other ritual dance ever recorded by modern man, the GGD blows the tops off of volcanoes all over the US.

Shortly afterwards, ten percent of pubescent humans in the world suddenly turn into Orks and Trolls in a process called Goblinization that involves random hardened calcium growths growing on their body. It's painful, and not exactly treated like your typical case of acne.Regarding the COV virus and its effects: Things are frustrating, and confusing, and scary.

People dream up conspiracy theories to help make sense of things. They're not helpful, though, and only serve to make the world more confusing and scarier. We're not going to have that here.

shadowrun 6th edition premade characters

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Shadowrun 6th edition premade characters

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